S&V Temporal Forces: Iron Leaves - Elite Trainer Box [EN]

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A Scarlet & Violet Temporal Forces Elite Trainer Box from Pokémon with Iron Thorns promo.

More and more Ancient and Future Pokémon appear in the world of Scarlet & Violet. Thanks to a rift in the timeline, wild beasts and visions from the future end up on the battlefield together. Powerful Pokémon like Walking Wake ex and Raging Bolt ex break free from their past while Iron Leaves ex and Iron Crown ex bring justice with futuristic attacks. But that's not all, because outside of this 'Area Zero' Pokémon change types such as Wugtrio and Farigiraf.

Are you also looking forward to all the chaos that Temporal Forces brings? If not the brand new Pokémon, then the return of the powerful ACE SPEC cards with unique effects!

Scarlet & Violet Temporal Forces consists of more than 160 cards including several new Ancient and Future Pokémon, 12 brand new Pokémon ex and type-shifted Tera Pokémon ex. In addition, the ACE SPEC cards return, unique power effects on trainer or energy cards. In addition, every Scarlet & Violet Paradox Rift Temporal Forces is guaranteed to contain three foil cards!

Do you want to quickly expand your Pokémon collection? With an Elite Trainer Box you immediately have a large number of booster packs at your disposal! Now with nine booster packs instead of eight! In addition, an Elite Trainer Box is filled with enough accessories to start playing immediately and a lot of fun extras.

The Scarlet & Violet Temporal Forces Elite Trainer Box contains:
9 Scarlet & Violet Temporal Forces booster packs.
- 1 promo card from Iron Thorns.
- 45 energy cards.
- 65 card sleeves with Iron Leaves.
- 6 damage-counter dice.
- 1 tournament-legal 'coin-flip' die.
- 2 condition counters.
- 1 VSTAR counter.
- 1 player's guide for the Scarlet & Violet Temporal Forces expansion.
- 1 rule booklet of the Pokémon Trading Cardgame.
- 1 code card for Pokémon Trading Cardgame Online.
- 1 storage box including four card dividers.

Retouren is mogelijk binnen 14 dagen na aankoop. Bekijk onze Refund Policy voor meer informatie.

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