S&V Paldea Evolved - Elite Trainer Box [EN]

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A Scarlet & Violet Paldea Evolved Elite Trainer Box from Pokémon.

Meet a new generation of Pokémon and trainers as they go on a treasure hunt in the Paldea region together. Scarlet & Violet is the start of a new series of Pokémon series that will also bring a lot of changes. For example, the new cards will have a silver border instead of yellow. This way the art of the Pokémon comes into its own even better! The layout of trainer and energy cards will also be adjusted so that they are still clear to everyone who plays with them.

In Paldea Evolved you can feel powerful energy flowing through this region, awakening new powers and discovering dangerous legends! Will Meowscarada ex, Skeledirge ex or Quaquaval ex be ready for you to battle or will it be Chien-Pao ex, Ting-Lu ex or old favorite Pikachu ex? Discover all these new Pokémon in Scarlet & Violet Paldea Evolved!

Do you want to quickly expand your Pokémon collection? With an Elite Trainer Box you immediately have a large number of booster packs at your disposal! Now with nine booster packs instead of eight! In addition, an Elite Trainer Box is filled with enough accessories to start playing immediately and a lot of nice extras.

The Scarlet & Violet Paldea Evolved Elite Trainer Box contains:
9 Scarlet & Violet Paldea Evolved booster packs.
- 45 energy cards.
- 65 card sleeves.
- 6 damage counter dice.
- 1 tournament-legal coin flip die.
- 2 condition tokens.
- 1 VSTAR token.
- 1 player's guide for the Scarlet & Violet Paldea Evolved expansion.
- 1 rulebook of the Pokémon Trading Cardgame.
- 1 code card for Pokémon Trading Cardgame Online.
- 1 storage box including four card dividers.

Retouren is mogelijk binnen 14 dagen na aankoop. Bekijk onze Refund Policy voor meer informatie.

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